Warning! This will erase any existing software on your Raspberry PI device!

  1. Download the Mysterium Node RPI image (mystberry.zip)
  2. Download Balena Etcher if you haven’t already got it: https://www.balena.io/etcher/
  3. Insert the microSD into the provided SD card reader and connect it to your computer.
  4. Open BalenaEtcher and select mystberry.zip as the image. Select the SD card file as the target.
  5. Make yourself a tea. Wait until your Flash! is complete.
  6. Insert the microSD card into your Raspberry Pi.
  7. Plug in the network cable into your router and then the power cord. It may take a few minutes before the Pi is fully up.
  8. Log into my.mysterium.network to claim your node!
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