TequilAPI is a REST API that allows you to manipulate a Mysterium node multiple ways. To retrieve your node service information:

curl http://localhost:4050/healthcheck

{ "uptime": "47m55.616006453s", "process": 5490, "version": "0.0.0-dev", "buildInfo": { "commit": "99d37edc952b736e3fad069f56e7d968276634a8", "branch": "master", "buildNumber": "4755" } }

To get a list of Mysterium node identities you can use the following command:

curl http://localhost:4050/identities { "identities": [ { "id": "0x041e42becaa3a6f92e155a7a5cab62c49dcdc578" } ] }

To add a payout ETH address to the identity use the following command:

curl -X PUT -d '{"ethAddress":"0x000000000000000000000000000000000000000a"}' http://localhost:4050/identities/0x041e42becaa3a6f92e155a7a5cab62c49dcdc578/payout
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