We are excited to announce that Testnet 2.0 migration is due to begin as planned. We have already begun with testing!

Updates on migration timelines for Mysterium Node Runners:

1. New Bounty Rules

The following bounty rules come into effect on the 1st of December 2020 for nodes who we have been approached to begin test migration. We will be inviting the rest of you to join this pool shortly.

2. Extension of November bounty rules until 14th December

  • We have started to migrate a small amount of nodes to begin testing TestNet 2.0.
  • We have yet to migrate the entire network because dVPN apps are not migrated to TestNet 2.0. We wanted to ensure you could continue to serve traffic and earn in Mysterium Network through the migration process.
  • We are extending the finish date of November bounty rules so you can continue to earn in December as you migrate from TestNet to TestNet 2.0. This means if you don’t change anything, you will continue to earn until the 14th of December.

Stay tuned for migration instructions in the second week of December. We will reach out to smaller pools to do test rounds in the lead up so please keep an eye on your inbox.

For more details on the broader migration process and a deeper dive into our migration with Matic Network as a Layer 2 solution for transactions on Ethereum Network jump into the following articles:

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