First things first, navigate to website. On the top of the website you can see the number of the recent block, the current price for one

block, the number of blocks from which each one week period starts and ends, and the number of blocks representing the length of one week.

Below you can find a general description of the pool of Liquidity Campaign participants:

By default, you will see the information representing the recent period. By clicking on the number representing the previous period, you will see the data summary for the campaign's already finished weeks.

By scrolling below, you will see the list of participants, ranked by the total rewards earned.

The list of participants also represents:

  • User Wallet address;
  • Date of the entrance to the liquidity engagement campaign;
  • The amount of liquidity pooled in both USD and MYST converted based on the "CoinGecko" exchange rate;
  • The amount of not yet claimed funds.

You can find your address (the one you've used to send funds to MYST/ETH liquidity pool on Uniswap) in the table and click on it to see more detailed information on your campaign's participation. To claim your funds, you will need to connect your wallet first.

Once connected, you will be able to press the "Claim Now" button that would initiate rewards sending to your address.

Note! You will need to hold funds on your wallet for ETH gas fees to claim your MYST rewards.

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